Intro to Web Security Part 1 - 3/1/2020

From DevilSec


Links for Practice


Juice shop

Port Swigger web security academy

Buggy Web Application

Docker container:

Hackthebox web chals

Xtreme Vulnerable Web Applicati9on

Hacker101 CTF

TONS more if you just google

Links for Learning

Web Application Hackers handbook (~$20-$35)

Port swigger web security academy (FREE)

Pentester Labs ($35 for 3 months if student, otherwise $20/month)

Pentester academy ($40/month but also has a bunch of other courses)

Virtual Hacking Labs ($250 for 3 months but also has other labs)

Google & youtube (FREE)

  • Tons more

Additional Links

Ethical Hacking 101: Web App Penetration Testing - a full course for beginners:

Beware of the videos that boast "FULL COMPLETE HACKING TUTORIAL 100% ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED"

Same-origin policy: The core of web security @ OWASP Wellington:

Web Security 101 (Playlist):