About us

What is DevilSec?

DevilSec is a cyber security club based at Arizona State University (ASU) which has a sole purpose of better equipping students for their future careers into the many professions of cyber security. We provide hands on education and training for ethical hacking, network security, penetration testing, network administration, and systems security. We participate in competitions such as CCDC and Hivestorm

Why Was DevilSec Created?

There is a problem with the current state of cyber security students at Arizona State University (ASU). Some students chose cyber security because it is “The hot new thing” while some students chose cyber security since they saw something cool on a TV show. Other students selected cyber security because they understand at some level what the field entails, and that entices them to participate in being a future cyber leader. The cyber security programs at ASU are only offered as concentrations; they are additions to current degrees such as Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science. While this gives a great opportunity for the student to specialize in cyber but also have the background of a computer scientist or an engineer, there is a knowledge gap which happens due to this. The actual “Cyber Security” courses do not take place until a student’s senior year. This becomes an issue as many of the students just coming into their senior year have never heard of a fundamental networking concepts such as routing and switching nor have they heard of the fundamentals of application, network, and system security. While they do learn their senior year, the experience is lacking greatly as academia can only do so much to portray the concepts and give the student a closed environment to learn from. When these students graduate, they find themselves inexperienced and unprepared for real-world situations. Furthermore, this leaves students unprepared for trying to obtain a job as they do not have many years of experience on them nor any additional cybersecurity fundamentals which these classes failed to teach. So, how do we fix this?
Enter DevilSec. This club was founded by Ankur ChowdharyMatt KeeleyAllen FoustAbdulhakim Sabur, Joe, and Dr. Dijiang Huang in an effort to help remedy this lack in well prepared cyber security leaders. We do this by holding meetings once a week in person to go over concepts such as LLMNR poisoning, Linux/Windows hardening, network security, and many more, to build the knowledge base of our club’s members. This not only increases awareness, but starts to build that adversarial and defensive mindset needed to protect our systems. We then help facilitate the learned knowledge by running live demonstrations, live-fire fights on closed networks, and participating in competitions such as CCDC and Hivestorm which gives the members a unique opportunity to practice and hone their skills. This will allow students from freshman to seniors to have a more in depth experience in the profession and be better prepared and well equipped for a profession career. Along with our teachings, we also encourage our members to give presentations to the rest of the group. These can be new concepts they have learned, ones they know, or projects they have been working on which are cyber security related. This helps give our students a bit of public speaking experience as well as we encourage feedback for the presenters as well. As a whole this helps us bond better as a club and keep the morale high to keep motivation for learning exceeding expectations.
Recently (as of fall 2019) we have started inviting guest speakers to give talks which helps us motivate our members, interest new members, and overall give the students a taste of what to experience in their future career while giving them a unique opportunity to talk with a professional in in the field. This also gives the presenters an opportunity to share their ideas to fresh new minds and obtain feedback on things they may have not thought about or find someone who is just as interested in the project as they are.

Who Can Participate in DevilSec?

Anyone! We highly encourage ASU students to however if you are not an ASU student, as long as you are willing to put an effort into learning all things cyber, we want you here! We have everyone in the club from two of our leadership being industry penetration testers, to freshman who started with no direction of where to start and are now excelling in what they do. Above all, you do not even need to be a cyber security student! You could be an art major, biology major, or a math major; we still welcome everyone.

Whoa, That Seems Pretty Cool. How Can I Help?

Joining the in person or online meetings are a great way to get involved. You are able to be better informed of current projects and competitions which are taking place and can help with those. We are constantly looking for people willing to help with projects on our github so feel free to head on over there and collab!

Where Can I Talk to Fellow Members and Get Help?

Currently for the 2019-2020 year, we have meetings taking place every Friday evening at 4:15pm at BYAC 110. We will always be there during that time unless noted on our calendar, website, or Discord. Which leads to the second mode of communication which is our group’s Discord. Feel free to join and pop in voice chats or message to ask questions, share ideas, or present projects.