Guest Speakers

Lonnie Benavides – McKesson

Lonnie Benavides is the Vice President of Global Security Operations at McKesson, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is responsible for global threat detection and response, and leads a team of 100 plus, covering functions such as Security Operations, Incident Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Red Team, Forensics, Network Security, Data Security, Endpoint Security, and Security Analytics. Lonnie has more than 20 years of information security experience working with major corporations such as Washington Mutual, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, and DocuSign. Lonnie is an ASU dad and lives in the Ahwatukee neighborhood of Phoenix with his wife, three daughters and one son. Lonnie is an avid trail runner and can be frequently found on the trails in and around South Mountain Park.

Talk on September 13th, 2019:

Lonnie gave a talk on the various challenges and opportunities for students to build a career in the cyber security industry. He gave stories about his career in the Air Force and his favorite story on how he hacked into the White House.

Gavin Stroy – Bishop Fox

Gavin Stroy (OSCP) is a Senior Security Analyst at Bishop Fox, where he focuses on application assessments (static and dynamic) and network penetration testing (external and internal). Gavin is an active member of the security research community and has published an article on Network Based File Carving in eForensics Magazine. He has spoken on the topic of machine learning at DEFCON China and has presented the AI tool Eyeballer at Black Hat USA in 2019. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Network and Communications Management from DeVry University and a Master of Computer Science from Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering.

Talk on October 4th, 2019:

Gavin presented on Eyeballer: An AI based hacking tool used to tackle large scale external engagements. Eyeballer was the 2019 “Web Filtering and Control Solution of the Year”.

Jacob Loden and Michael O’Loughlin – Honeywell

Michael is a Cyber Security Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace who specializes in System Architecture Analysis. Michael focuses on creating cyber related documents that are used by customers to secure systems on aircrafts.

Jacob is a Cyber Security Engineer and Penetration Tester at Honeywell Aerospace. Jacob graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Computer Science. Jacob is also a former member of the ASU CCDC team and Pwndevils.

Talk on November 22nd, 2019:

Jacob and Michael will be talking about their careers at Honeywell Aerospace and doing a Q/A with the attendees.

Mike Ostrowski – Bishop Fox

Mike focuses on web application security assessment, mobile application testing, and secure code review. At Bishop Fox, Mike frequently tests and assesses mobile applications on both iOS and Android devices. He is responsible for authoring the Bishop Fox Android testing methodology, which is used by all consultants on pertinent engagements. Prior to joining Bishop Fox, Mike served as a software quality engineer and information security engineer for multiple Fortune 500 companies. During this time, he gained significant experience with performing secure code review in several programming languages including Java, C#, and PHP.

Talk on February 21st, 2020:

Mike Ostrowski from Bishop Fox will be giving a talk on ‘What I wish I knew before I became a Hacker’ which details his industry experiences and perdictions for the future of cyber security. Accompanying Mike will be technical recruiter Kaitlin O’Neil. The talk was recorded and is on YouTube:

Drew Porter – Red Mesa

Drew Porter is the President & Founder of Red Mesa. He is a Full Spectrum Red Teamer, CMoE Instructor, Cyber Arms Dealer, Hacker, Researcher and SIGINT.

Talk on March 20th, 2020:

Postponed due to Covid-19.